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Soul Nutrition is the vision of Debra McCurtain. Her roots are in the medical weight loss world. After ten years as the CEO of Rocklin Weight Loss, she began to believe that weight loss begins on the inside. That the concept of nourishment of the soul is critical. That women who are obsessed with their weight and the scale need healing.

For the thousands of women who have walked through the doors of Rocklin Weight Loss with tears in their eyes, Soul Nutrition was born. Soul Nutrition combines the healing practices of Hypnotherapy, Meditation and Reiki. Also offered is Cosmic Coaching and Weight Loss Services.

Your transformation awaits.

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Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

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Soul Highway Healing

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Weight Loss

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“Catharsis, self actualization and ultimately healing. A broken spirit still has the potential of being whole again with the proper care. Hypnotherapy did what traditional therapy couldn’t do for me. I am not saying that talk therapy doesn’t work and it did work for me. What it couldn’t do was make me feel comfortable enough to truly go deep int my thoughts, explore and release the feelings that I truly needed to expel from my soul- Thank you Debra”

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